BodyCentered Psychotherapy

BodyCentered Psychotherapy

BodyCentered Psychotherapy is a somatic and experiential therapy. We process core beliefs in mindfulness, not as intellectual problem-solving, but as direct dialogue with the unconscious through “felt sense” techniques. This establishes a relationship in which it is safe for the client to become self-aware. It allows us to rapidly access the unconscious beliefs and early experiences which shape our lives, relationships, and self-perceptions.

The body is viewed as a “map of the psyche” – a door that can be opened to reveal the entire character and belief system of the individual. This creates an experiential route to core material, deepening therapy beyond insight and words and changes are integrated into the client’s immediate experience. When directly experienced, these patterns are available for transformation and re-integration.

This can be facilitated through body work or psychotherapy.

SE (Somatic Experiencing)

SE is a naturalistic, biologically based model that assists people in regulating their internal systems of activation (stress/overwhelm) and settling (relaxation/neutral). SE is especially effective for people working with stress, feeling overwhelmed, and attachment trauma or shock trauma and their symptoms. The model includes participants learning self-supporting touch, and with permission, may include therapist-supportive touch to assist with internal cohesion and resonance (system regulation).

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

DBT works well with people individually learning and committed to reinforcing emotion regulation skills. It is a model based on tenants of Zen Buddhism - mindfulness, non-judgement, acceptance of reality, with the focus on better regulation of emotions.

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