Energy work and Shamanism

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form energy healing that preserves health and fights disease by using the energy system of the body. Completely non-invasive, Reiki allows the practitioner to simply lay his or her hands over the client and channel Reiki into their energy field. Kayla is an accomplished Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master who emphasizes empowering her clients with the tools they need to integrate healing into their daily lives. Each session is unique and tailored to the client’s individual needs. Within her reiki sessions, Kayla often combines energy healing with sound therapy, cord cutting, guided meditation, and shamanic healing.

What is Reiki?

To put it simply; Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that reduces stress and promotes balance by working with the body’s natural healing abilities. The direct translation of Reiki is derived from two Japanese words; “rei” meaning universal and “ki” which translates to life force energy.  

Since its development over 100 years ago, Reiki has been utilized as an alternative healing modality by practitioners in integrative medicine, body-centered therapy, massage therapy, and more.  


60 Minute Session: $80

30 Minute Session: $50

 Remote Reiki: $45


Shamanism is an ancient healing practice that focuses on the spiritual aspects at the root of all illness. These powerful sessions allow the client to receive the gentle healing energy of reiki, while also identifying and addressing the root causes of energetic intrusions or imbalances through shamanic journeying. Using percussive instruments like the drum or rattle, the shamanic practitioner will enter an altered state of consciousness to travel through the hidden realms and assess the client’s issue. Kayla has trained extensively in the teachings of renowned shamanic healer Sandra Ingerman under the instruction of shamanic teachers Nicole Perez and Rebecca Moravec.

What is Shamanism? Shamanism is an ancient healing practice that focuses on the spiritual aspects at the root of all illness. Through the use of percussive instruments like the drum or rattle, the shamanic practitioner will enter into an altered state of consciousness and travel through the hidden realms in order to assess the issue and provide ultimate healing. Shamanic healing is an excellent way to address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Practices like shamanic journeying and soul retrieval are believed to help clients reclaim their power and return to a state of oneness with themselves.

Shamanic Reiki: $100

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a potent form of shamanic healing that focuses on a concept known as “soul loss”. As Sandra Ingerman defines it in her book 'Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fractured Self', soul loss is believed to occur whenever someone suffers a traumatic incident. Abuse or assault, illness, loss of a loved one, bullying, and addiction are all examples of experiences that can trigger soul loss. These events are so traumatic that it is believed that part of the soul will literally leave in order to protect the remaining soul from further harm.

Signs that you may be suffering from soul loss:

  • Numbness or disconnection from the present moment
  • A sense of being “incomplete”
  • Chronic depression or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem or lack of self-love
  • Memory loss from certain periods of your life
  • Chronic illness or constant misfortune

During the session, the Kayla will begin with an in-depth conversation to go over the client’s needs, concerns, and any other pertinent information. She will then journey on behalf of her client to retrieve their lost soul essences. After the soul parts have been returned, Kayla will channel reiki to help with the healing and integration process. She will then provide co
mpassionate guidance on how the client can integrate these soul essences their lives.

Soul Retrieval: $120

Singing Bowl Vibrational Sound Therapy

On the body, sound work is a relaxation therapy technique that is performed on a fully clothed client and requires little to no touch. In a typical session, therapeutic grade singing bowls are placed on and around the body and activated by striking with a padded felt mallet, producing powerful sound vibrations. The result is a soothing sound and subtle vibration that relaxes mentally and physically.

To receive maximum benefit, it is recommended that you hydrate and drink plenty of water before (and after) receiving a session. Water itself can carry vibration further, and well-hydrated muscles will better absorb the vibration. Also, muscle tissue that is hydrated is more elastic and pliable which allows for a more effective VST session.

The production of the vibrational waves directly on the body, along with soothing ambient tones, is such a strong treatment that clients report effects ranging from deep relaxation to a meditative state to restful sleep. After experiencing a state of deep relaxation, you will feel mentally and emotionally refreshed!

  • Quickly introduce a deep meditative state
  • Reduce depression and sleep issues
  • Ease blockages and tension
  • Entrain the brain
  • Reduce stress
  • Raise focus and gain a clear mind
  • Calm the mind, body, and spirit in conjunction
  • Boost Creativity


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