Group Therapy

DBT Skills Group

Core Mindfulness: 

Being more present in the here and now. Enjoying the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Emotional Regulation: 

Learning about the function of emotions and acknowledging our human tendency to react to negative emotions with secondary emotions of guilt, shame or anger.

Distress Tolerance: 

Learning to tolerate and survive a crisis situation without making the situation worse by resorting to impulsive, unhealthy behaviors.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: 

Learning effective strategies for developing healthy boundaries with others.

Each module consists of four or five sessions. It takes eighteen sessions to complete all skills training modules once. Most people learn the skills most effectively if they complete the full set of skills modules two or more times.

YogaTalk Group Therapy

"the art of healing occurs when the body is balanced, the mind is peaceful and the spirit is harmonized."

Practicing yoga as an adjunct to psychotherapy is helpful in calming the nervous system, focusing the mind, and soothing the physical body. We are then able to tolerate and communicate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from a place of clarity and peace. By integrating yoga and psychotherapy, the connection to our authentic self is re-established and our ability to heal and recover is enhanced.

YogaTalk will provide the tools for understanding your own unique patterns and support/education on wellness and recovery. There will be specific themes drawn from yoga psychology along with a restorative yoga practice, gentle hands on assists, and group processing.

Clinical studies have shown the profound effects yoga has on decreasing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma and addictions.

We provide a safe environment for your practice.

Woman Circle-Woman changing Women

A safe place for some to come together and experience the healing power of community. We will meet to take part in discussion , guided meditation, shamanic journeying, and much more. 

Every third Saturday from 10am-11am






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