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Center for Authentic Living offers specialized counseling and treatment for adults, adolescents, couples, and families suffering from mental health issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, OCD, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, depression, perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety symptoms, and physical ailments during any type of recovery process. 

We are a multidisciplinary trauma informed team that offers expertise in psychotherapy and integrative modalities for health, wellness, and recovery. Our body therapies and somatic psychotherapeutic protocols address any physical distress from anxiety and stress management to chronic pain management. 

Our treatment approach is based in compassion and mindfulness. A mindfulness based perspective helps clients understand the root of their condition, the meaning, and provides them with a doorway into the core of their behavior. We invite clients to develop a sense of curiosity into their life, relationships, and struggles. This allows greater clarity as they approach a values orientated life. Our couples therapist specializes in The Gottman Method Relationship Therapy. 

As a trauma informed facility, we place a great importance on developing an individualize treatment plan to successfully address physical and behavioral health concerns. This includes innovative, evidence based adjunct healthcare services drawn from eastern and western medicine. These body centered approaches such as (IFS)Internal Family Systems, (SP) SensoriMotor Psychotherapy, (SE) Somatic Experiencing, (SMT) Somatic Movement Therapy, (ABT) Zen Shiatsu, Reiki, Yoga Therapy, and Meditation are powerful tools for stress reduction, resolving trauma, anxiety, and depression.

CFAL offers group therapy as an adjunct to your healing process. We have DBT Skills Groups, Mindful Eating Recovery Support Group, Journey to Healing Trauma Group, YogaTalk Group Therapy, and Meditation Groups.

The goal of our trauma treatment is to assist you in connecting with your inner experience with curiosity, to develop a more flexible approach to life and managing symptoms while addressing the pieces that are stuck in present time. 

Center for Authentic Living offers a unique treatment plan by utilizing a team that can work with different aspects of the individual, couples, and families needs. We can effectively manage every aspect and meet the client goals.

          It is our mission to commit to early intervention and prevention. 

     Our goal is to guide you to the most beneficial recovery for your body mind and spirit.

❤️ We are LGBTQ+ Affirming Practice

The Gottman Method Couples Therapy

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