Trauma Informed Yoga

I am here to gently remind you that your body, movements, and breaths are your choice.

You can always reach to what feels safe. 

What is Trauma-Informed Yoga?

Trauma is undigested stress which causes our experiences to cloud our perception. Trauma-Informed Yoga is a combination of building safety to mind-body connection or somatics, Ayurveda psychology, as well as awareness and resilience strengthening. Trauma exists in our body; Trauma-Informed Yoga assists in rewiring our habitual brain to disconnect with our traumatic experiences and connect with our authenticity and the present moment in serenity. This is a safe space to bring awareness inside the Self. It is supportive in recovery of traumas or addiction, and helps improve functioning of the brain. It is a simple practice with minimal movement and allows you to go deeper into layers of the body. Every single being is in control of their own body in this heart-centered safe space. Over time, these practices of embodiment assist in building a reservoir of kinesthetic awareness, which helps and supports: decision making, hold space for affect-regulation, enriches interpersonal relationships, and relationship with self, it strengthens empathy and expands your level of capacity. Yoga truly is a gift of Unity, Trauma-Informed Yoga incorporates a sensitive and mindful touch to this beautiful realm. 

What to Expect:

The session begins in the outer layer with external connection, noticing and observing our surroundings. It is optional to bring a journal to release any thoughts or triggers that surface throughout the session. Then, we slowly bring the sensory channel inward with meditation and grounding. Pranayama (breath control) is introduced when the environment feels safe and your emotional state is not activated. We will explore your internal sensations without judgment, mind-body connection, the Window of Tolerance, stimulation of the Vagus Nerve, and intuitive movement. 


Grounding, mantras or intention setting, breath-work (pranayama,) meditation, intuitive movements, restorative yoga, journaling, goal-setting.

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