This month the shiatsu world celebrates my shiatsu teacher,Ohashi Waruto, who dedicated 50 years to teaching Ohashiatsu touch for peace. In the early 90’s, I received my certification in this Read more
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy for addiction
    IFS therapy can help people understand and manage the parts of themselves that contribute to their addictive behaviors. Learn more about how this works.  From alcohol and drug misuse to compulsive gaming and shopping, addiction Read more
  • Go For A Daily Walk
    Let's talk about an accessible and practical tool to do this. It's the first thing on my calendar every day and something I love during the spring, fall, and winter Read more
  • ElephantJournal
    "I feel sorry for people who think alcoholism is about drinking too much, or too often, or think it's about willpower or weakness.The stigma that keeps us whispering and looking Read more
  • 5 Pillars of Recovery
    These 5 pillars are an important aspect to ones recovery. Helping yourself be aware and create a foundation for your recovery will help you engage in a healthy lifestyle and Read more
  • Self-care vs. Trigger care
    Self-care vs. Trigger care Raise your hand if you received a self-care gift this holiday season. Scented candles, heated neck massagers, or maybe a gym membership!   Now raise your hand Read more
  • Stressed for the holidays - When Christmas Comes Around
    Stressed for the holidaysWhen Christmas Comes Around **************************** It's that time of the year for family, friends, and food. As we engage in the hustle and bustle, we begin pushing ourselves to Read more
  • In the Name of Mental Illness
    We are doing this all wrong. After decades of progress and research and countless public advocates sharing their personal stories, we are still getting this wrong. Mental Illness is not Read more
  • Shadow work: 7 steps to heal the wounded self
    Shadow work: 7 steps to heal the wounded self by January 18, 2019, 8:45 am We all have demons inside us. Every day, we fight against them – sometimes we lose, sometimes we Read more
  • Words of Wisdom from Ram Dass
    We're all distracted by phenomena, everything that's going on all the time.Mindfulness is one of the practices for slowing down our lives, for finding a way inside, for concentrating self-awareness. Read more
  • For the Highly Sensitive Person: Why we feel Overwhelmed & Burnt Out.
    For the Highly Sensitive Person: Why we feel Overwhelmed & Burnt Out. | elephant journal Self-care is essential, especially for highly sensitive people.It’s usually easier said than done when we struggle Read more
  • 10 Reasons to Seek Couples Counseling
    If you’re yelling, cursing, belittling or giving one another the silent treatment, it’s time to get help. I’m not talking about the rare occasion when one of you uncharacteristically briefly Read more
  • Play!
    Play isn’t just for children.  It’s a very important neurological state for adults as well.  Play is a blended state between sympathetic activation and restful safety.  According to polyvagal expert Read more
  • Use Your Breath to Balance and Calm
    When you feel anxious, stressed out, worried, agitated, one of the best ways to find balance is by using your breath. Our heartrate naturally speeds up on our inhale and Read more
  • Let’s Talk About Self-Care
    When I initially thought about self-care, my mind went straight to taking a long bath, treating myself to a spa day, and eating my favorite comfort food. Yes of course Read more
  • Things to be Mindful as we Continue to Navigate a More “Virtual” Life
    As we enter into the new year of 2021, I found myself reflecting on this past year and all of the challenges, transitions, emotions, and pain we all as a Read more

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