5 Pillars of Recovery

These 5 pillars are an important aspect to ones recovery. Helping yourself be aware and create a foundation for your recovery will help you engage in a healthy lifestyle and utilize a holistic well being approach. 

1. Personal Responsibility- Make sure to take ownership of yourself and actions.  Setting goals, making positive choices, managing triggers, stress, and being accountable without using substances.

2. Social Well Being- Continuing to maintain healthy relationships and boundaries with others will help support your recovery. Utilizing people that are within a 12 step program or friends that support sobriety are important.

3. Physical Well Being- Being able to take care of yourself is one of the most important components of recovery.  Continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, managing self care, regular exercise, and healthy sleep habits. 

4. Emotional and Mental Well Being – Being able to develop healthy coping skills is an essential aspect to every day living.  Being able to open up in individual, group, or during any additional therapeutic options will help individuals to learn more skills.

5. Spiritual Well Being- Finding meaning and purpose without having to turn to substance use.  This pillar doesn’t have to focus on a religious aspect, rather one’s values, mindfulness, and self awareness. 

When you are able to have balance over the 5 pillars you can create a healthy lifestyle and develop a strong recovery that will be maintained for years to come.

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