What is an Empath

What is an Empath?

You may have heard the term Empath used in conversation lately.  But what exactly does it mean to be an Empath?  Empathy is when we put ourselves in another’s shoes. However, having empathy and being an Empath are two different things. I am an Empath and will explain it from my experience.
Empaths are people that are high on the empathic spectrum and can actually feel what is happening in others in their own bodies. For example, If I’m sitting next to someone with a neck ache - I will feel that very neck ache in my own body. When I hear a beautiful love song, I can actually feel the feelings of love in the song in my own body. If I’m watching a movie that has violence, I will feel pain.
Empaths are also human air purifiers.  When I walk into a negative or dense energetic space, I feel like my body is cleansing the space of it’s impurities.  That is a lot to process - I know!
How is this possible, you may ask? Empaths have extremely reactive neurological systems.  This means their mirror neurons are highly active, and they don’t have the same filters that other people do to block out stimulation.  As a result, Empath’s absorb into their own bodies both the positive and stressful energies around them.  We can also hear what someone is not saying in words.
Empaths have profound spiritual and intuitive experiences. Because of this, they have extreme compassion, but they often feel exhausted from feeling “too much” unless they develop strategies to safeguard their sensitivities and develop healthy boundaries.  Does this sound like you?  If so, I can help you navigate through what you are experiencing.  Contact Ann Marie Zakos M.S. LPC, [email protected]

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