Using the Acronym GLAD for Reflection and Gratitude

It can be difficult to remind ourselves to focus on the positive aspects of our daily lives. In fact, our brains are hardwired to bring our focus and awareness to the negative aspects of a situation, even if there are positive aspects accompanying that negative situation. Research shows that increasing positive emotions and acknowledging positive aspects of ourselves and our situation offer many physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits. It is difficult at times to identify the positives, especially if we have been noticing the negatives our whole life. But practice makes perfect and eventually it will become easier to combat negative thinking patterns and mood.
A great way to acknowledge the good in our lives is by identifying the things we are grateful for and note the positive aspects we experience each day. Using the GLAD acronym is a great way to accomplish this. The idea is to draw our attention and reflect on each letter of GLAD and identify examples from your day. Overall, I have found incorporating this practice into my daily routine allows me to be more present, mindful, positive, and grateful.  
The letters that prompt and guide your reflection are:  

G: Gratitude- what are you grateful for today?  
L: Learning- what have you learned today? What do you want to learn today?  
A: Accomplishment- what have you achieved or accomplished today?  
D: Delight- what made you happy, experience joy, laugh, or bring you delight today?  
The Viva Wellness Blog ( offers a great visual aid for explaining how to use the GLAD acronym.

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