3 Simple Steps That Help in Uncertain Times

1. Be Kind to Yourself.

Being kind to yourself is essential. Kindness to ourselves is especially important in times of uncertainty.

Being kind to yourself means soothing yourself with calming music. Giving yourself time to sit peacefully to reflect. Self-care, like a face mask, manicure, or a warm bath to relax.  Allowing soothing aromas of essential oils to calm your nervous system. Wrapping up in a cozy blanket, sipping on tea.  Drawing a picture, reading a book, baking cookies, reaching out to a friend. Being kind means taking care of yourself and others. It’s treating yourself with respect and reverence. You deserve it!

2. Limit Your Exposure to the News

The news stations report their stories based on fear. It’s important to be informed, but limit your amount of check-ins.  It’s like a scary movie, the more we get hooked, the more we can’t turn away.  When you’re stressed it can be hard to look away, but compulsively watching the news only keeps you wound up. Especially, avoid news right before bed time.

3. Control What You Can

Focus on the things that are within your control.  There are many simple things that you can do, even if it’s something small like meal planning or laying your clothes out the night before a stressful day. Establish routines that give your days and weeks some comforting structure.  

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