Let’s Talk About Self-Care

When I initially thought about self-care, my mind went straight to taking a long bath, treating myself to a spa day, and eating my favorite comfort food. Yes of course these are really great suggestions for self-care! But… I soon discovered there can be more to self-care than what originally came to my mind. We need to attend to all facets of self-care activities, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and professional self-care needs! These are the assessments I found helpful  and that guided the questions below: 



Addressing our physical self-care, ask yourself:

  • Am I taking care of personal hygiene? Am I getting enough sleep?

  • Am I going to the doctor when sick and allowing myself to rest when sick?  

  • Am I wearing clothes that make me feel good? Am I eating a balanced diet?

Addressing our emotional self-care, ask yourself:

  • Am I taking time off from work, school, and other obligations?

  • Am I getting away from distractions (phone, email, social media)?

  • Am I trying to express my feelings in a healthy way?  

  • Am I making time for reflection?

Addressing our social self-care, ask yourself:

  • Am I spending time with people who I like?

  • Am I having stimulating conversations?  

  • Am I making time to spend time with my romantic partner?  

  • Am I doing enjoyable activities with other people?  

Addressing our spiritual self-care, ask yourself:

  • Am I taking time to recognize the things that give meaning to my life?  

  • Am I acting in accordance with my morals and values?  

  • Am I participating in a cause that is important to me?  

  • Am I allowing time to spend in nature, to pray, or to meditate?  

Addressing our professional self-care, ask yourself:

  • Am I saying “no” to excessive new responsibilities?  

  • Am I taking on projects that are interesting or rewarding?

  • Am I maintaining a balance between my professional and personal life?  

  • Am I keeping a comfortable workspace that allows me to be successful?  

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