What is Trauma Recovery

What is Trauma and Recovery Coaching?

A Certified Trauma and Recovery Coach (CTRC) works as a peer, mentor, guide and educator for clients seeking understanding on how undigested childhood experiences show up and color our adult behavior. A CTRC holds a safe space for her clients and their big emotions, showing them how to reconnect with themselves and others while using their strengths to build a life they love living.

Strong candidates for Trauma and Recovery Coaching include:

  • Leaders and emerging leaders who have received negative performance feedback on their interpersonal behavior and are ready to try something new
  • Parents who want to break intergenerational behavior patterns
  • Those who live with chronic discomfort or pain, have tried everything to “manage their stress”, and yearn for a lasting technique
  • Adults who feel helpless in the face of their quick-firing tempers, hyper-energetic hyper-vigilance and / or “stuck in a rut” feelings

How are Trauma and Recovery Coaching and Therapy different?

A coach comes alongside their client to brainstorm, provide information, and examine potential decisions. A therapist can do all of these things, but they often also need to intervene at a deeper level to direct care, prescribe behavior and make choices on behalf of their client. A coach never takes that much control over a client’s life. Guide and encourage, yes. Command direction, never.

People can, and sometimes need to, move between therapy and coaching. Individuals who have gotten their mental health illnesses under control or in remission can benefit tremendously from individual and group coaching. Individuals who are being coached need to transfer to a therapist if they experience a mental health crisis. A good coach will help a client make this transfer when decompensation occurs, rather than continuing to try to tend to themselves.

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